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Urner Barry's COMTELL service is the premier market intelligence platform catering to the red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and plant protein markets. Featuring proprietary, benchmark price reporting, in-depth market analysis, and a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to extract meaningful data to power confident business positions.


Market Prices

Industry-Leading Price Reporting

  • Daily benchmark quotations across all animal protein sectors
  • Commentary from expert market reporters, including pre-market insights
  • Reliable coverage you can trust


Comprehensive News Coverage from Around the Globe

  • Real-time, targeted industry news keeps users on the pulse of the market
  • First-hand reporter insights and analysis
  • Thousands of stories within a searchable archive


Breaking Down Meaningful Market Events and Trends

  • Daily examination of current conditions and key drivers
  • Exclusive access to Urner Barry Insider reports
  • Advanced analytics through user driven portfolio and data management tools
  • Decades of market price and statistical history