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Optimize market strategies through comprehensive tools and built-in efficiencies that allow users to leverage the largest database of original quotations and statistics. Through extensive relationships with key industry participants, Urner Barry boasts unparalleled expertise and unmatched perspective. Access to Urner Barry's reporters is available exclusively to subscribers. With data at their fingertips and a powerful set of tools to interpret it, subscribers make the best decisions for their organizations.

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COMTELL houses the largest historical wholesale price and statistical database in the industry. Users can easily pull decades of history with a simple click on any quotation or datapoint. Users are able to formulate a better understanding of where the markets may be headed with powerful features such as seasonal averages, high/lows, and other year-over-year comparisons.

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COMTELL Alerts empower customers to be immediately notified of key changes in prices or statistics. Alerts allow businesses to customize notifications and make more timely decisions when information is released, if spreads between multiple items hit a vital threshold, or a desired percentage change or price level is reached.

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My Items

Save time by designing customized dashboards of meaningful quotations and statistics. Build multiple groupings of information that matter to specific customers or business segments, empowering users to cut through the clutter of information and focus on what matters most to their bottom line.

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Data Builder

By efficiently pulling together vast amounts of data from My Items or through simple search functionality, users can quickly chart and export both quotations and statistics. Customizable date ranges and chart features make creating the perfect market perspective simple.

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